Sadness and Joy at Ama Ghar

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Our young Ama Ghar women Manju, Samjana and Jenuka volunteered at renowned artist Jan Salter’s website launch and memorial in May.

Manju, Samjana and Jenuka volunteering at Jan Salter’s Memorial Event.

Sadly, Jan passed away on April 29, 2018 before the Website launch. Jan was mostly known for her Faces of Nepal, 40 years of exquisite pencil portraits of every ethnic group in Nepal. Bonnie Auntie and the girls got a lot of compliments on how professional and responsible the young ladies were.

Ama Ghar had a very personal relationship with Jan as she sent us our faithful old watchdog Balu, who patrolled the house every night for years to ensure the safety of the children. We share fond memories of both Jan and Balu…

In contrast, there was an abundance of love, joy and just plain silliness when visitors brought water balloons to Ama Ghar on a very, very hot June day. The ensuing fights were certainly energetic, but not too warlike!

The little girls are arming themselves for some cooling fun.

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