Meet Kamal and Maya And Learn More About Ama Ghar

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Ama Ghar’s story began over 20 years ago with a visionary Nepalese founder, Shrawan Nepali, who grew up in a Nepali orphanage and had a dream of providing a loving home and education for disadvantaged children in Nepal. He and a committed group of people banded together to create Ama Ghar – which means Motherly Home. 

In 2001, after hiring a caring and committed Nepalese staff – some of whom still work at Ama Ghar – Shrawan brought the first group of children to the home. Since then, over 100 children have called Ama Ghar home. Ama Ghar’s story is best illustrated through the experience of two of our newest family members, Kamal and Maya, shown in this video that we shared during our 2023 annual fundraiser.