Celebrating Two Weddings At Ama Ghar

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We are so excited to celebrate the recent weddings of original Ama Ghar children, Ashok and Sajan. Ashok and Sajan have grown into successful young men and have taken the next step in life — marriage to lovely and wonderful women. Ashok and Roshana were married in November and Sajan and Sarina in December. To celebrate, Ama Ghar had our own party! We got to introduce Roshana and Sarina to the entire Ama Ghar family, bless the couples, and of course eat, sing, and dance. Please enjoy photos below of our party, and photos from each of their weddings. Congratulations, Ashok and Sajan!

The newlyweds receiving blessings at the Ama Ghar party.
Ashok and Roshana on their wedding day.
Sajan and Sarina on their wedding day.
Celebrations for Ashok and Roshana’s wedding, with a few Ama Ghar alumni joining in!
Sajan and Sarina’s wedding party.
Celebrations continue with Ama Ghar alumni and staff at Sajan’s wedding. (L to R: Uma’s daughter, Shibani; Uma; Samjhana; Bonnie; Pabita)
Brothers Ashok and Sajan on Ashok’s wedding day.