Contact Info in Nepal

Contact Info in Nepal

Ama Ghar Children?s Home
ama ghar map
Phone: 9840154448
Skype: bonnieellison
Postal Address:
Ama Ghar
Attn: Kyamuna Khadka
PO Box 8975, EPC 2089, Kathmandu, Nepal

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    1. Hello, Mingma –

      Thank you for your interest in our Ama Ghar home and our inspiring children. We have a paid professional staff and do not normally use interns. However, if you are interested in visiting Ama Ghar, all visits are arranged by Bonnie Ellison, our Country Director in Nepal. She can be reached at

      Again, thank you for your compassionate heart and best of luck to you.

      With gratitude,
      Cathy Clifton
      Communications Director, The Ama Foundation

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