About Our


About Our


The work of the Ama Foundation is 100% supported by donations and the generous time of our staff and Board of Directors. Donations are shared across three critical functions: the Ama Ghar home, our children's education and the community.


Our Sustainable Home

At Ama Ghar, our “Motherly Home” in Kathmandu, the children are truly part of a family. A small staff to child ratio and our commitment to giving time for counseling, playing and special outings reflect Ama Ghar’s mission to support a child’s whole development. 

A permanent home for Ama Ghar, funded by private donations, was completed in 2010. Ama Ghar is not a “home” in the institutional sense, but a place that the children grow up in and can always come back to. Many alumni who are out in the world still come back to Ama Ghar for traditional holidays, birthdays, weddings and just to check in on their brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles. 

The design of our home is based on traditional Nepali architecture, but we use solar power, recycled waste water and bio-gas to make our home as sustainable as possible. Learn about our eco-friendly home.

Education For All

Ama Foundation provides the children living at Ama Ghar access to a good local education at English-speaking schools through the high school level. After graduation, staff members guide each child’s transition beyond Ama Ghar.

Depending on the child’s individual strengths and interests, he or she will continue on to higher education or vocational training. Our first Ama Ghar graduates have all succeeded in a wide range of professions - for example, some of our alumni have become culinary workers, trekking guides, doctors, nurses, public health workers, I.T. specialists, architects and hotel staff. Read more about our alumni here.

Community Scholarships

Currently, Ama Foundation grants scholarships to students in the villages surrounding Ama Ghar. Although elementary education is free to all in Nepal, many families in our area can’t afford to purchase school uniforms, shoes, books and backpacks. We donate money to local children for the purchase of these necessities each year, and the Ama Ghar children help to distribute the new backpacks and books so that they learn the importance of helping those less fortunate than themselves.