Ama Ghar was founded by Shrawan Nepali, who spent part of his childhood at the Paropokar orphanage in Kathmandu. He was fortunate to have the support of his godmother, Ama Tika Basnett, who encouraged and helped him during the darkest times of his life. Assisted by Peace Corps volunteers, Shrawan was educated in the US but he never forgot those less fortunate that he left behind in Nepal. He formalized this vision and opened Ama Ghar in 2001; the first 14 children arrived at Ama Ghar during that year. Now, 19 years later, Ama Ghar has grown to a family of 45 children and 12 staff members living in the Ama Ghar home. More than 85 children have been or currently are in the Ama Ghar program; 40 of them are either involved in higher education and skills training or out working successfully on their own.

Why Nepal? Why Kathmandu? Why Ama Ghar?

Imagine Nepal: majestic mountains, vibrant culture, and smiling faces. The beauty and spirituality of the place confounds most people. Yet, as any traveler can attest, the striking beauty contrasts profoundly with poverty and struggle.

Children are most noticeably impacted, as they often do not receive the pre and post natal care, proper nutrition, and education every child deserves. One child in every 21 dies before reaching age 1 and one in 16 does not survive to his or her fifth birthday (Nepal Demographics and Health Survey, 2006). Even more upsetting are the statistics on malnutrition. By age 5, 57% of Nepalese children have stunted growth, meaning they do not receive enough nutrients to grow properly (NDHS, 2006).

If 57% of all children, even those with families, do not receive enough to eat, imagine the difficulty for those without parents. They are often passed from house to house and denied the food, care, and love they need. In addition, many poor, orphaned and abandoned children are forced into heavy labor and to serve others.

You can help break this cycle. By supporting Ama Foundation, you are changing the lives of children desperate for food, love, and opportunity. At Ama Ghar we provide these things –  but we can’t do it without your support.