Four beloved sisters leave the nest…

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On to the next chapter! L to R: Rama, Pabita, Pratima, Subita

On to the next chapter! L to R: Rama, Pabita, Pratima, Subita

We are so proud when our Ama Ghar young adults graduate from their transition year at the Youth Apartment in Kathmandu to leave the program full-time as self-supporting adults. Four of them left the apartment right before Christmas, which made room for Pratima, Pabita, Sabita and Rama to move from our Ama Ghar home to the apartment.

This is an exciting next step for these wonderful young ladies. Pratima, Pabita and Sabita will be much closer to their respective colleges for their ¬†Bachelor’s Programs and Rama, who has already completed her animation training, will be looking for a job. Their departure was delayed because they had no cooking gas for the apartment – we are in our fifth month of the Indian blockade at the border.
But finally the day arrived and the girls were given our usual Ama Ghar farewell program, which included silly dancing, music and general fun – and a send-off with lots of tears and “We’ll miss you’s”! We wish them all good luck for bright futures ahead – and we hope they will come home to Ama Ghar for many, many visits.

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