A Visit to the Land of Dancing

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There’s nothing the kids at Ama Ghar love more than making up stories and then acting them out… and in June, the Ama Ghar kids created their own dance/drama entitled “The Land of Dancing”. The story is about princesses from the Land of Dancing who were turned to stone by an evil wizard – and only by making the princesses laugh could they be restored to human form. The boys, dressed as superheroes, were responsible for making the girls playing the princesses laugh – and they did a great job! Ajaya, who is one of our most sweet-natured boys, played against type as the evil Wizard.

The princesses opened the show with a spirited welcome dance

To the delight of all, we pulled out bags of donated dresses and costumes and everyone chose what they would wear for the dance. The occasion for all this excitement was a visit from students at Arizona State University, who were in Nepal for a Study Abroad course in sustainability.

Jeevan led the superheroes to make the girls laugh!

Uma Auntie, assisted by several of the older girls, ran the children through their dance rehearsal until everything was ready to go. On the day of the visit, ASU students were welcomed with a song and then were thrilled by the presentation. And after all the formalities were over, everyone joined together to play football (soccer), badminton, tag and hula hoops!

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