A Happy International Birthday

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A young Nepali boy named Aswin was visiting Kathmandu with his family. He was sad because he wanted to celebrate his 7th birthday, which occurred during his visit, with other children. So we invited him to Ama Ghar, where he had a fine birthday party with cupcakes and juice. He was thrilled to have so many friends at his birthday …

A Goodbye Gift from Coley

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Our wonderful Ama Ghar friend and volunteer, Jacole  (the kids call her Coley), a Montana girl who has been living in Nepal for two years , was leaving Nepal for a graduate program in Boston. As a going-away present to the Ama Ghar children, she put together a climbing party, where the children learned to rappel off a six story …

World Cup Madness!

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The children of Ama Ghar are not allowed to watch much TV – there’s only one small TV in the house, and it’s saved for weekend movie viewing and special occasions. But the World Cup Finals were deemed a Special Occasion, and the children really rose to the challenge! Half the house was cheering the Netherlands, half the house was …

Jinx and Her Magic Pen

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Ama Ghar kids love to put on plays! Check out these photos of their latest creation, a play called “Jinx and Her Magic Pen”, which was written (in English), directed, and starred in by a group of Ama Ghar kids, with the help of Lilly Ellison, a wonderful volunteer from the U.S.  They even had a prop crew! If you’re …

Construction Progress

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Many things being done at once.  Plumber has the children’s untis done. (see Pic)  His big job is now the outside pipes and manholes. Electrician will begin next week.  The waste management group is on schedule. Major roof complete, only two front sections left. Started placing drain gutters yesterday.  (see Pic). They blend nicely. Finishing for windows, floors going on …

Construction Update

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Final Brick work and roof making fast progress. Will be complete in 2 weeks and we can then start with plumbing and windows….starting to work on outside elements….slowly but surely. Bonnie Ellison, the Country Director for the Ama Foundation has provided the following update on the progress of the school’s construction. “Final Brick work and roof making fast progress. Will be …

Welcome to AMA Foundation

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The Ama Foundation is a grassroots US-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing the most underprivileged children of Nepal with a loving home, education, and opportunities to live healthy and secure lives within their community. We are investing in the future of Nepal by educating the mothers and fathers, teachers, business leaders, social workers and professionals of the next generation.