Thanks to Mary Katayama and ILBS Kokusai Fukushi Kyokai!

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A fantastic example of the way the enthusiasm of our volunteers can get things done! Last year we enjoyed a visit from Lisa Katayama, who won the children’s hearts and helped them greatly with their English. During her visit to Ama Ghar, Lisa learned of our goal to make the new Ama Ghar home eco-friendly and self-sustaining. She knew we needed construction funds for a new waste management system, so she spoke with her mother, Mary Katayama, in Japan.
Through an organization of which she was a member, called ILBS Kokusai Fukushi Kyokai, Mrs. Katayama arranged a donation, the results of which are the new eco-friendly waste management system seen below, which is almost completed, thanks to this chain of generosity.
Thank you again to ILBS Kokusai Fukushi Kyokai and the Katayama family!

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