A Goodbye Gift from Coley

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Our wonderful Ama Ghar friend and volunteer, Jacole  (the kids call her Coley), a Montana girl who has been living in Nepal for two years , was leaving Nepal for a graduate program in Boston. As a going-away present to the Ama Ghar children, she put together a climbing party, where the children learned to rappel off a six story building, led by trained Himalayan climbers, of course.

The children learned hand holds, balance and hanging upside down…  they loved it, they’re really good at it, and it helped them to learn the value of courage and persistence… thanks, Jacole – not only for the party, but for all you’ve done for us.

Ambe, Sangita and Ashok learn to walk up walls.

Ambe, Sangita and Ashok learn to walk up walls.

Don’t look down, Assim… Kalpana hangs on – gotta trust those ropes!

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