Welcome our new little girl – and good luck to our latest graduate…

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We are so pleased to welcome our new little sister, Bina!

Ang Maya(left)shares her doll with her new sister Bina.

We were very lucky to find Bina and bring her into Ama Ghar quickly, as she was on the street alone at just 6 years old. A local social worker noticed her at a “feeding program” and alerted us. Getting children as soon as they show up on the street is essential to keep them from drifting into the wrong hands and habits – now we can give this little girl a chance at a future.

Since Bina is just a few months older than Ang Maya, this works out well - Ang Maya is so happy to have a new sister. She has been lonely since Pooja went home to her family, so she willingly shared her dolls with Bina. Bina will be at home for a few more days as we prepare her school uniform, complete the required medical and dental exams and give her time to settle into a new environment.

Biratjan at his farewell ceremony on the day he departed for his schooling in far western Nepal.

And it’s symbolic of our “cycle of life” at Ama Ghar that Biratjan, one of our first group of children, has left Ama Ghar to attend a three-year Electrical Course in the Far West of Nepal. He will stay in our educational program but will start trying to support himself with part time work while he is in school as it is important for him to transition to self sufficiency.  Ama Ghar will cover the basics but he will have to earn money on his own as well.

We are so proud of Biratjan as he has always been a leader among the children and we wish him the best of luck in his future – and Ama Ghar will always be his place to come home to.


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