We are so proud of Mangel!

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Mangel at Ama Ghar with his new bike.

Mangel at Ama Ghar with his new bike.

As a child, Mangel struggled in school – probably because of malnutrition that he suffered before coming to Ama Ghar – and he didn’t meet his goal of completing Class 10 so that he could go on to higher education.

But he is a wonderful reminder to others that there are so many ways to be successful! Mangel has developed into a kind and responsible young man, with a good job and a steady income.

He took skill training to become a cook and just loves it. We are so proud of his attitude and work ethic, which has been tested during our recent fuel crisis. He works at a restaurant and has not missed a day, even though it was taking him three hours to get to his job on foot and public transportation. Now he has a new bicycle, so he gets to work in an hour and does not need to depend on public transportation – and being the owner of a new bicycle has given him increased self esteem.

Mangel is a perfect example of Ama Ghar’s mission to assist each in our care to build on their own individual talents to become successful adults. Congratulations, Mangel!

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  1. Congratulations Mangel! I fondly remember bike rides with mangel and long conversations. A driven and thoughtful boy at the time.

    I wish you well and so happy you have a bike that can transport you quickly to a job you love! Be safe and hope we meet again soon.

    Tina Fahy

  2. Way to go Mangel! I am so proud of you for finding a job that you can bike commute to! I wish you no flat tires in 2016.

    jennifer auntie

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