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A blog post by Srijana, one of our talented and compassionate Ama Ghar children.


Srijana with child at the refugee camp.

Srijana with child at the refugee camp.

During my holidays, I visited Bouddhapatitar, a refugee camp in Kathmandu,  with my friends. We bought some biscuits, chocolates and some candies on the way. We had to walk through different small lanes until we reached our destination. There was a big field and about 15-20 small shanty shacks made up of plastics. There was a foul smell all over the place because of ill managed latrines. The people who lived in these shacks were refugees, most of them from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The environment was filthy but it didn’t bother me much because I was really excited and happy to see all the beautiful faces of the children, old men and women.

Mostly these people were engaged in collecting garbage and polishing others’ shoes for their survival. They had to struggle very hard. They don’t have good shelter, food and education. It was a pitiful situation. I could only feel pity for what they were enduring. When I heard that the small children were also going out to collect garbage to overcome their hunger, my heart broke into million pieces.

Children were friendly, they shared their life stories with us, we gave some chocolates, biscuits and candies that we bought on the way. It was little but they ate it happily. I observed the inside of their shacks, it was congested  with few belongings. We spent around three hours with them and I enjoyed a lot by playing with children. We promised them that we will be back to help them. This time we are planning to take some small gifts for them from our side.

You can also help those people too. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is but it should come from your heart.

I want to change their world no matter how difficult it is because AMA GHAR has planted a seed inside me with care and love to build strong hope inside me.

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  1. Srijana, you are such an inspiration for other young adults, everyone can make a difference and bring a smile to a child in need. Keep making a difference!

    Rachel XXXOOO

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