Unika is home at last!

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Thank you so much to all the generous Ama Ghar friends and family around the world who have donated to pay for Bhesh’s daughter Unika’s medical expenses. The surgery for her brain tumor was successful and she is home now, playing with her Ama Ghar friends and her sister Bumika (pictured with her in this photo).

Thank you from Unika and her big sister Bumi!

Thank you from Unika and her big sister Bumi!

Unika’s condition will have to be monitored carefully, but she seems to be fine now – it’s a miracle that would not have happened without the help of all of you… lots of love to all from, Unika, Bumika, Bhesh and Meena – and all of us in the worldwide Ama Ghar family.

To donate, please go to http://www.crowdrise.com/unika/fundraiser/cliffy


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