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We often say in our published materials that our goal is for our children to grow up to be good Nepali citizens and good global citizens. So it’s thrilling to see so many of our children reach out, usually un-prompted by us, to do good in the world. Below is a blog post from Pratima, one of our older girls whose ambition is to be a psychologist. We’re so proud of her, as you should be – she’s your daughter, too.

Pratima feeding street children with her GEN NEP friends.

“I am a member of the organization that goes by the name “GEN NEP”. GEN NEP is a national youth initiative that builds “conviction and character” in Nepali youth by engaging them with inspirational personalities from Nepal and abroad and encouraging them to be involved with volunteer work.

Pratima registering donors for the GEN NEP blood drive.

It works toward building the nation-first-character in Nepali youth with the twin goal of supporting them to “Do well and Do good”. Do well in their careers and inspiring them to do good for the nation.

We held a blood donation program that my friends and I came up with on the 10th of January, 2013. Then we’ll be volunteering in different public schools in our locality.”

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  1. My dear Pratima,

    I am so proud of you for opening your heart to those less fortunate. GEN NEP is such a great organization!

    Love and miss you!
    McKenzie Didi

  2. Well Done Pratima,

    You have started on the path of leadership, by lifting people up, and inspiring them to be more than just ordinary people. I hope this goes on to great things, and you become an agent of change in the world.

    Giving your time to people is much better than giving your money, because then you can touch the person inside, and it creates a connection between people, and this connection is infectious, and through sharing time, money then becomes just a tool which is also then shared easily. Only by strengthening the connections do you change the world, one person at a time.

    My wife and I have been looking to do some sort of project like this here in Brazil, it is something which builds people up to do extraordinary things.

    I miss you all, and hope one day that I will have a chance to return to Ama Ghar

    Andrew Bowen

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