The Festival of Colors – Holi!

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Holi is a favorite holiday at Ama Ghar – and in fact, all over Nepal! The celebration, which will start March 27,  lasts for a week, in which the entire country gets covered with colored water… all over Nepal, people are throwing colors and water balloons, locally called “lolas”, on each other.

Last year's Ama Ghar holi celebration - letting off steam!

Last year’s Ama Ghar holi celebration – letting off steam!

Legend has it that Krishna loved to pull practical jokes on the milkmaids who worked with him… he would entrance them with his dashing looks, mesmerize them all by dancing with them, and then when they were completely engrossed, he stole their clothes and doused them with colored water. 

At Ama Ghar, Holi is celebrated with water balloons and water fights with the neighbors – everybody wears their old clothes and goes wild with color… look out, visitors, as no one is immune!

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