The Doorway to Heaven – Swargadwari Temple

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Hi, I am Meena. Its my ninth year at Ama Ghar. I was 5 when i first came to Ama Ghar. I am very happy to be at Ama Ghar. I came from a remote area of Nepal. My districtís name is Pyuthan. It lies in western part of Nepal. It is small and naturally beatiful. In my district there is one of the most sacred temples called Swargadwari Temple. Some people believe that it is the doorway to heaven. The light flame never went off in this temple. In this Dashain vacation, I am going to my village to meet my relatives to celebrate our big festival Dashain. I love my Pyuthan very much. I am very excited to go to Pyuthan and I will be there for 12 days. Pyuthan is a very beautiful place. Once you go there you donít want to come back again. Some of the children at Ama Ghar are from the beautiful villages of PYUTHAN.

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  1. Hi, Meena – This is a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing information about Pyuthan with everyone. Dick Uncle and I sure miss you and can’t wait to see you kids again so we can play some games and lawn tennis! Hope you are enjoying Dashain at your village. We love you – Cathy Auntie and Dick Uncle

  2. Beautifully written piece Meena! Yes, Swargadwari Temple, it is the doorway to the heaven. I remember visiting there with my grandma, YogaMaya Shrestha when I was just 4 years old- a big crowd of pilgrims, lots of Bhajan music, etc. still in my memories. For those of you in California, another replica of the Swargadwari temple is in Dave Fulton dai’s (our former chairman of the Ama Foundation boardbackyard in Auburn, CA.

    Thanks for sharing this story Meena! shrawan uncle

  3. Hi meena, Thanks for posting about pyuthan and swargdwari temple. I think it will be better than it if you post how can we reach there in details because I am also interested to go there but I could not get the right direction of way how can i reach there with easily. If you can give me details of way please you can mail me. thnak you for your kind cooperation.

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