The Art of Being a Child

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Art, music and dancing are so much a part of the culture in Nepal that children learn to participate at a very young age. When the children came to Ama Ghar from their villages and neighborhoods, they were already talented performers and artists, and we encourage them to express themselves freely. Some of our children play guitar or piano, many sing and almost everyone dances… from traditional Nepali dance to hip hop!

The children made Ti Uncle a birthday card that reflected his many talents!

Our visitors often mention that the happiest moments of their stay are when the children sing, dance and make art for them. One great example of this was the incredible birthday card that the children made for Titus Ellison (Ti Uncle) when he visited this summer. Ti taught the boys about welding and metalwork and helped them to build a swing set and jungle gym for the yard. To show their appreciation, the kids made the fantastic card that you see in this photo.

20 artworks completed at this workshop were selected to go to the Kanagawa Biennial World Children’s Art Exhibition in Japan.

Another great example of the children’s artistic talent occurred in September, when the Community Children’s Art School (CCAS) in Kathmandu selected 120 kids (including some from Ama Ghar) to participate in an art workshop. From the work produced that day, 20 items were selected to be included in the 17th Annual Kanagawa Biennial World Childrens’ Art Exhibition in Japan in 2013. And out of the 20 works of art selected, 5 of them were created by Ama Ghar children! What an honor…

Read more about CCAS and their programs.

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  1. Amazing artwork, I want to see more! Congratulations to the children of Ama Ghar, I hope to come back soon! Sending best wishes Tina (visited w/ Rev. Brown a few years a go).

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