Some Happy News for Pooja

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Pooja (left) and her best friend Ang Maya make puppets together.

Those of you who follow our blog probably remember the story of Pooja, who came to us in 2011 because her father had been killed while working in Qatar. As a widow with very few rights, her mother could not afford to feed and clothe Pooja, so she brought her to Ama Ghar where she would be loved, cared for and educated. 

Pooja’s first meal at Ama Ghar, the day her mother left her with us.

 And Pooja has certainly been a lively addition to our Ama Ghar family! From the beginning, she captured our hearts with her beautiful smile and her quick mind – she and her best friend Ang Maya kept their older brothers and sisters, as well as their aunties and uncles, entertained for hours. 

Pooja’s story has the happiest of endings. Her mother finally received compensation from the company her father was working for in Qatar when he died, so she can now afford to bring Pooja home. We will miss Pooja very much, but the best thing that could possibly happen for these children is to be in their own villages with their families. 

We wish Pooja and her family happiness and prosperity, and we hope she’ll come back to visit us when she can… we’ll miss her.

Pooja looks pretty in pink with Jenuka and Stewart.

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