Re-Use and Re-Cycle at Ama Ghar!

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Because we have to be very careful with our money (the money that you donate!) we think a lot about how to re-use and recycle what we have at Ama Ghar, so we’ve become pretty creative about it! We thought our family around the world would get a smile out of some of our recycling tactics, as pictured here.

Old rice cookers are now used as planters. We cook so much rice for over 50 people every day at Ama Ghar that our rice cookers don’t last too long… but they have a new life when we fill them with plants!

Shoes Рthe  folks at Crocs made a generous donation to us in 2009, and the kids wore the shoes, passing them down from older to younger, until they finall wore them out. Now our Crocs have experienced a re-birth as planters along our front path.

Computer Panels from an old hard drive are being used for signage, as they’re made of excellent rust-proof metal.

Metal from two old bunk beds has become a grate on the new road the boys are building, to catch the monsoon rains.

The kids are learning to re-cycle paper, too, and to pick up the trash and plastic bags that are the plague of our roads and streams. We love our Ama Ghar home – and our planet.

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