Olympics Fever Hits Ama Ghar

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The Ama Ghar kids have definitely had Olympic fever the last couple of weeks – they are glued to the television and are enamored with new sports they have never seen before. Their favorites are swimming, gymnastics and track and field.

Our little inventory, Bhupendra, made his own discus

Our little inventor, Bhupendra, made his own discus

Sabin tries out all of the gymnastic flips on the carpet and Bhupi made a discus out of plastic plates, duct tape and sand. All the boys have made various types of sticks to pay field hockey in front of the house – even in the rain.

Sabin and Bhupi with homemade field hockey gear

Sabin and Bhupi with homemade field hockey gear

They don’t normally get to watch that much TV, but we have had two days of strikes and two holidays, so they got an Olympic bonus. They learned the locations of the various countries and the children were rooting for the USA, Switzerland, France and Spain because they have so many friends and visitors from those countries.

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