Olympic Moments at Ama Ghar

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Maybe Rupa will become a gymnast!

The Olympics is one of those rare events that holds the attention of the entire world. We do have cable out in our valley now (we got it so the kids could watch the World Cup) and we had great Olympic coverage in Nepal, practically 24/7.

We encouraged the children to watch between their study times and activities and then to write a short sentence in English about what they learned.  It’s been fun to hear their naive but often insightful comments. Of course, the most frequently asked question is:  “Is the Gold Medal REAL gold?  And how  much does it weigh?”

Here are examples of their thoughts about what they saw and  learned from the Olympics:

Kalpana P –   “It is really interesting to watch Olympic games. Winning is not only important but taking part is the most important.”

Rama –  “The Olympic Games actually teaches all of us to get focused, concentrate, have confidence, use teamwork, trust, have spirit and of course care for your health.”

Sanu Samjana – “Playing game is best. It does not mean that you have to win.”

Menuka – “There are a number of games and many of them take place silently.”

Shrijana –  “It is good to hear and see Nepalis in Olympics. They didn’t win but they tried their best.”

Ashok – “Watching swimming, I understood the value of time… seeing that the player missed the opportunity to win gold by just a millisecond.  We should understand the value of time.”

Pratima –” It is not just a game. We can put in that determination and hardwork in all that we do. If we do that, we can blossom like flowers.”

Santosh – “If we did not get medal we should think that  medal is not the only one which make you famous.”

Ashim – “People cry when they win the match because they are really happy.”

Olympics inspired Sanu Samjana, Aruneema, Rupa and Santosh to play badminton with tennis racquets!

Sharmila – ” Some of the games like water volleyball, handball was totally new to me!”

Sanu Sajan – “The thing I learned from the Olympics is thatwe should have harmony between us.”

Jenuka – “I learned that when we cross or step on the white line our marks will be disqualified.”

Biratjan – “In every game besides individuals , there was teamwork.”

Krishna –” Watching these games on T.V. brings some kind of excitement in me.”

Aruneema – “In my opinion, participating is great no matter who wins.”

Sushan  – “I could not believe that people could do that.”

Chhopsang – “Most of the games are so much interesting and new for me.”

Annabella – “We should never lose our hope.”

Persis – “There are many people who come from different countries to watch the Games.”

Akshaya –” I came to know that the discipline really matters.”

Po-Po – “The main reason to open the Olympics was to make the relationship between countries, to understand each other.”

Pawan-  “Wow! The swimming, football and basketball was super!”

Thulo Sajan – “I also came to know that “teamwork” is veryimportant while playing the group games.”

Aakriti – “If we cannot participate it’s OK but we should watch and learn something”.

Rupa –” Sometimes for which country I vote, it won but sometimes it lose also.  So I was happy and sad.”

Pabita – “You have to have good manners like shaking handsor giving a hug to your opponent.”

Thulo Samjana –” We can always try new things. If we want to do that, then just go ahead and try that new thing.”

Ganga – “It is just full of life lessons if you watch verycarefully.”

Pabitra – “Nepal also took part in the Olympics, their interest make them to do something for the country.”

Bhupendra – “I the Olymipick to what like name, football, kriket, swimming and karate.  (Just starting in English but excellent effort – a full page of new words!)

Subash – “Some players even break the world Record which makes the Olympics more tough”

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