Nepal Board of Directors

Mrs. Vijaya K.C. (President)

Vijaya K.C. is a founding member and current President of the Ama Ghar Board., which has become very effective under her leadership. She is invaluable to us in our interactions with the Social Welfare Council and the Government of Nepal. A former Secretary of the Ministry of Health, she is now a member of Administrative Restructuring Commission of the Government of Nepal. A member of Public Service Commission Nepal, she resides in Kathmandu.

Pradip K.C. (Secretary)

Mr. Pradip K.C. is the Secretary of the Ama Ghar Board. He is currently one of the members of the Education Committee of Ama Ghar. He is assistant administrator at Tribuvhan University, and his administrative experience is very helpful in our decision making. He is from Dhapakhel, Lalitpur

Shekhar Silwal (Treasurer)

One of the three co-founders of Ama Ghar, Shekhar is the Treasurer of the Ama Ghar Board and works closely with the Managing Director to maintain budgets. We depend on his wise counsel in many situations, and he played a critical role in our land purchase and road construction. He is currently the Construction Manager and keeps a daily watch on the construction of our new home. He is also Chairman of Global Family Village and is also Chairman of the Management Committee of Kitini, our local government school.

Laxman Prashad Shrestha

Mr. Laxman Shrestha has been an active member of the Ama Ghar Board since 2002. He has worked on committees to create policy for the organization, and currently is a member of the Child Selection Committee. He is originally from Pyuthan, Khalanga Bazaar. He worked in civil service as an administrator and is now retired.

Jogendra K.C.

Mr. Jogendra K.C. has volunteered as a dance instructor since the early days of Ama Ghar. Thanks to his efforts, the children of Ama Ghar have become excellent dancers and appear at many public events. He is currently a member of the Public Relations Committee. In addition, he is Vice President of the All Nepal Dance Association and Vice President of the Nepal Folkloric foundation, helping to keep the beautiful songs and dances of Nepal alive locally and internationally.

Lalita Thapa

Mrs. Lalita Thapa is one of the founding members of Ama Ghar. Originally from Kathmandu, she is a retired diplomat and development worker who was with UNDP for more than 30 years. She is also the President of Returned United Nations Volunteers Association of Nepal (RUNVAN) – an NGO promoting volunteerism. She is currently on the Public Relations Committee and is a great administrative and planning resource for Ama Ghar’s future development.

Rabindra Shrestha

One of the founding members of Ama Ghar, Mr. Rabindra Shrestha is currently on the Finance and Management Committee. He works at Nepal Airlines as finance officer, and is from Kalimati, Kathmandu.

K.B. Shrestha

Krishana Bhakta Shrestha is one of the founding members of the Ama Ghar Board. He is a retired engineer and social worker whose experience is of great value to this organization. He is one of the members of the Child Selection Committee and the father of Niley Shrestha, who is on the Ama Foundation Board of Directors. He resides in Galkopakha, Thamel, Kathmandu.

Bal Ram K.C.

The joint secretary and founding member of the Ama Ghar Board, he has been on the Public Relations Committee since its formulation. Bal Ram K.C. is a former teacher and was in the Army of Nepal. His other activities include Ama Ghar Cultural Program, and Chairman of Siddha Baraha Development Center in Torbang, Pyuthan.

Dr. Neelam Adhikari

Dr. Neelam Adhikari is a founding member of the Ama Ghar Board, and has been checking our children’s health, free of cost, since we started. She refers our children to other facilities or specialists as needed. Her contribution to this organization is highly appreciated as the childrens’ health is a high priority. A pediatrician, she is also Rector, Patan Academy of Health Sciences. Dr. Adhikari is the sister in law of Paramesh Adhikari, previous Chairman of the Ama Foundation.

KauchhaKaji Basnet

KauchhaKaji Basnet is on the Education Committee, and his input in the field of education is extremely helpful to the Ama Ghar children and to our Scholarship Program. He currently works in Sirius School, Bernhert College. He is a Board Membner of Dibyagyan Boarding High School and School Supervisor, Jana Prabhat Madhyamik School, Kalimati, Kathmandu. He is a textbook writer and responsible for development of the subject of geography for grades 9 and 10.

Ashok R. Pandey

Mr. Pandey holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Harvard and is currently a Professor of Finance at the South Asian Institute of Management (SAIM), Pokhara University. In addition to his skills as an educator, he has extensive business experience, with expertise in wide-ranging areas including nursing homes, electric vehicles, apparel manufacturing, insurance and industrial development. His knowledge of Financial Planning and Strategy is invaluable to the Ama Ghar Board.

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