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Here’s a blog post from the winner of the our latest blog competition for kids under 14 – congratulations, Rupa! Rupa is a happy go lucky 12 year old who loves to have fun and make friends with our visitors. And judging by her post, she also loves her school!

Rupa at the Ama Ghar Holiday Celebration

 Hi, I’m Rupa. Today my topic is school so I’m going to write about school. First I’ll write what is school. School is a place where we can get or learn everything like, we can get education and we can learn good habits, discipline, etc. My school name is Pushpanjali high secondary school. There are two buses in our school. They are in white and in yellow colour. There are two grounds where we can play. One is for smaller ones and for us. There is a beautiful garden. Our school is big. There is from grade nursery till grade ten but now they are making +2 in our school.

In our school we study most of the subject. We have both kind of teachers male and female. They teach us properly and nicely. They are friendly and helpful to us. I love my school very much. It’s fun in our school. I’am happy to be in our school. Our school enviroment is clean and healthy. I again want to say that school is a place where we can get education. In our life education is very important………

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