Monsoon Rainy Days

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We’ve had a huge monsoon this year, which has been welcome, as our garden is providing plentiful vegetables and the lush vegetation around our house looks beautiful. Because of the rain we’ve been focused on indoor activities – everything from special ceremonies to games and puzzles.

Pushpa receives her holi thread from the priest in a special ceremony for all the children.

Since we have been in mourning for Anjana, we have not had full celebrations of any holidays since last July. But now that one year has passed, we can begin to have our regular celebrations again. We had a visit from a holy man who gave everyone a “holi thread” which we will wear until it’s time for our fall festivities.

It’s hard to weed when the plants are bigger than you are!

All the children – the boys in particular – go outside and play football and run as much as they can between the raindrops. They even help in the garden when they get a chance!

Big sisters Samjana and Jenuka lead the little ones in a made-up balloon game

In addition, they’ve all played ballon games to bring out their competitive spirit and kept busy with word and sentence puzzles, Legos and helping out in the kitchen, too – monsoon seems to bring out the best in all of us.

The little ones help with cutting vegetables for dinner.

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