Meena’s Tihar Celebration

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Hi, it’s Meena again from Ama Ghar. I am really happy to be at Ama Ghar. I feel that Ama Ghar is my own home now. When I didnt get love from my own father, I got love of both mother and fathers at Ama Ghar. I am very thankful towards AmaGhar for doing this.We can go to our own home on our long holidays to meet our parents. I went home to celebrate the biggest festival Dashain and I was at Ama Ghar for another big festival called Tihar.I am going to write some information about this Nepali festival Tihar which is very popular at Nepal.Tihar is one of the main festival of Hindus. Tihar lasts for 5 days.

The first day is called Kaag puja,in this day, we worship the crows by feeding them.

The second day is called Kukur puja. Kukur puja means Worshipping the Dogs.

The third day is called Laxmi Puja. Laxmi is the goddess of money. In this day we worship the cows as well and every house is decorated with lights and flowers.


Meena celebrating via candlelight with brothers and sisters.

The fourth day is called maha puja. We worship ourself in this day and we get to eat different kinds of food.


Meena self worshipping at maha puja.

The fifth day is the main festival called Bhai Tika. We put tika on our brothers forehead and the brothers will give clothes or money to the  sisters and the sisters give foods to the brothers.


Meena giving tika to her Ama Ghar brother.
We also celebrate Tihar at Ama Ghar. It was better than last year. This is the first time we celebrated Tihar at our new Ama Ghar. Shrawan uncle was with us to celebrate Tihar this year. I like Maha puja the most because we get to eat lots of different kinds of foods. It was fun when we worshipped ourselves. At Ama Ghar we celebrate many festivals which is very fun. Ama Ghar helps us to go ahead in our life. Many people have only one home but I have two home who loves me equally. One is my birth home and the other is Ama Ghar. I love both the homes equally. The aunties and uncles of Ama Ghar are my second mom and Dad. The sisters and brothers are like my own. I am very happy to be at Ama Ghar.


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  1. The tenth day of Dashain is called ‘Dashami’. It is also known as Vijaya Dashami and it was the day Goddess Durga was vtroicious over the demons. It was also the day Lord Rama won the war with the demon king, Ravana, supposedly through the Durga’s blessing. The day is, hence, symbolic of good triumphing over evil. It is on this day that the jamara is finally utilized; the elders put tika (a mixture of rice, yogurt and vermilion) and Jamara on the forehead of younger relatives to bless them with abundance in the upcoming years. The red Tika also symbolizes the blood that ties the family together.

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