Learning to Give and Receive

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Through the months of spring and early summer, the children have had many opportunities to give and receive…

Our Swiss friends Sarah and Alain were here in the spring and took everyone to the Fun Parkā€¦. always a favorite outing with some favorite friends. Shortly thereafter, Alex, Marc and more friends from Switzerland visited and organized games, arts and crafts and swimming. Thank you to all for providing such a wonderful time for the children.

Bina, Rehka, Popo and Akriti do fun crafts with our Swiss friends

Bina, Rehka, Popo and Akriti do fun crafts with our Swiss friends

We are very proud of Uppal, Chhopsang, Telau, Samjana, Meena and Manju, who chose to give back by volunteering for social work. They participated in our annual trip to HRDC, the orthopedic hospital, and they did some excellent work with the small children who were confined to their beds.

Sharmila working at the Children's Orthopedic Hospital

Sharmila working at the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital

In addition, they went every day, on time and on schedule, to entertain and teach a group of 40 children who were recently rescued from a very substandard childrens’ home. The girls were compassionate but stern, as these children had never had any type of supervision or attention, so they were a bit wild! There was a positive change in their behavior after our girls started working with them. They did a fantastic job and enjoyed their experience – it was a great lesson for them to learn firsthand that the greatest happiness comes from giving to others.

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