Joy From Tragedy

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In the midst of tragedy, we have found joy – our Ama Ghar daughter, Bindu, who had been planning her May 7 wedding for months, decided to go ahead with the ceremony. Bindu is the first Ama Ghar alumna to marry, so this moment was even more special for the Ama Ghar family. She and her groom, Prem, provided a moment of happiness and joy, which was a much-needed respite from disaster for all of us at Ama Ghar.

L to R: Bhesh, Bindu, Sarada, Tan Bahadur, Dhana

L to R: Bhesh, Bindu, Sarada, Tan Bahadur, Dhana

Bindu’s Ama Ghar sister and closest friend, Sarada, was the person who introduced the bride and groom, so she was an important participant in the ceremony, as was Bindu’s brother Akshay, also an Ama Ghar brother. Please join all of us in congratulating Bindu and Prem and wishing them many happy years together.

Even during the celebration, relief work went on. As you can see in the photo below, the older children continued to carry food, tents and tarps to our neighbors, so that house fathers Bhesh and Tan Bahadur, house mother Dhana and Bonnie Auntie could enjoy this very special event.


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  1. Congratulations and wishes for a lifetime of joy for the happy couple. May you be blessed. May the people of Ama Ghar and of Nepal have a successful recovery from the earthquake tragedies that have struck.
    We send love and prayers from my family to you all.

  2. Congratulations – we are SO happy for you both. Wishing you many, many, years of happiness together.
    Sending love, Micki and Bill

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