Help raise education funds through a special match!

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First the good news: Between April 9-13, Global Giving is offering a special program where they will match all regular donations at 50% and all recurring donations at 100%!

Now the even better news: An anonymous member of our Ama Ghar family is offering a $15,000 match on top of that!

What does this mean? If our Global Giving donations between April 9-13 equal $15,000, we will raise $37,500.

Here’s how: Donations from all of YOU through Global Giving total $15,000 +$7,500 match from Global Giving + $15,000 match from donor = $37,500!

So if you were planning on giving this year and haven’t done so yet – next week is the time! Your donation will have almost triple the impact, so please mark your calendars and donate through this link:

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