Five New Children to Make the Season Bright!

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Finally – after a long wait to clear paperwork – we have welcomed five more new children from the earthquake affected Districts.

L to R: Buddha, Rosina, Housemother Pratima, Leela, Saraswati, Sunita

L to R: Buddha, Rosina, Housemother Pratima, Leela, Saraswati, Sunita

After the earthquake in April 2015, each of the 14 districts had numerous Child Safe Places and displaced person camps set-up and monitored by various INGO’s, NGO’s, GoN, and District Child Welfare Officers. Out of over 2,000 displaced children approximately 400 have been verified to have lost a parent in the earthquake and most have been reunited with their families in the village. Those that had no extended family are slowly being processed and placed in alternative care, when that is the only option.

So, Ama Ghar is very happy to have five new children to add to our family. The Ama Ghar children have gone out of their way to make them feel welcome and help them to understand they will not be moved again.  We  have  Buddha, a boy, age 7, his sister Buddhamaya (Rosina), age 11, Leela, a girl, age 4,   Saraswati, a girl, age 7 and Sunita, a girl , age 11.  We will keep them home at Ama Ghar  and Pratima is conducting some basic classes to help us determine when and where they will go to school.  First and foremost at Ama Ghar  we engage in play and music, and we also do a lot of crafts and drawing.  The two older girls are trying knitting.

Balu and Siddhi have been hard at work letting the new ones learn how soothing a dog can be if you get to hug them anytime during the day. Stay tuned for more adventures!

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  1. My heart breaks for these parent less children and although I only live on a small check if you can email an address I will be glad to make a contribution. The contribution may not be large but I figure any if I can help in any small way I will. Or if there are supplies needed for their schooling if you provide me with a list and highlight the items most needed I will do my best to see how many of those items I can send. I respect Ama.Foundation for what you are trying to accomplish. As I say I will do what I can to assist just wish I could do more, hope my offer is good enough. God Bless!

    1. Post

      Joann, your compassion and generosity are so appreciated – and no donation is too small or “not good enough” – it’s what’s in your heart that counts. I will email you our address in the U.S. for donations. And bless you, too!

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