Everybody Dreams…

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What is a dream?

Samjana Nepali, the author of this month’s prize-winning blog, offering candy to her brothers and sisters on her birthday.

Let’s get it straight…everybody dreams. Oh, you’ll always hear one of your school friends or a relative who’ll say “I know I don’t dream,otherwise I’d remember something in the morning!”

Well, that’s one of the most interesting things about dreaming… often you can’t remember anything about what it was you were dreaming about as soon as you wake up, but you just know it gave you a good or bad feeling.  So, one minute you were saving the world  or in a bad dream or nightmare you were running away with those heavy legs that don’t go awaywhere, and the next minute you’re awake not remembering anything. Nearly always you will be able to remember the feeling of your dreams.

So – we’re agreed! Every night, not just now and again. Thank you!!!

Samjana Nepali, Grade 9

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