We Educate & Empower Children

At Ama Ghar, the children receive the tools and freedom to develop their unique strengths and talents. While they are always mindful of Nepalese traditions and society, they also learn about and experience other cultures. Overwhelmingly, the children hope to grow up to serve Nepal and its people.They pursue the scientific and medical fields; excel in math and history. They also explore the arts, theater, and music. Though the road for them, as it is for many Nepalese, is difficult, the future possibilities beyond Ama Ghar are infinite.

So far, only four children have left Ama Ghar to pursue higher education and job opportunities.

  • Sarada, who always dreams of becoming a doctor, currently attends medical school.
  • Bindu recently completed her nursing degree and now works at Patan Hospital in Kathmandu. She eagerly awaits an opportunity to serve disadvantaged communities in rural Nepal.
  • Rupmala works as a housemother in a youth hostel and shares her experience and knowledge with other staff and children.

Thanks to our partnership with the Bo M Karlsson Foundation, Bindu and Sarada have been given the opportunity to receive medical and nursing degrees. The Bo M Karlsson Foundation empowers the women of Nepal through higher education and we are honored by their support! To read more visit their website.

We hope that as the children of Ama Ghar get older, Ama Foundation can partner with more non-profits and organizations based in Nepal to expand our impact and provide the most benefit to the individual citizens and country as a whole.

If you would like to discuss partnering with Ama Foundation or have ideas about how to help develop job options and careers in Nepal, contact us

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