"Do you know me?"

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The second in a series of prize-winning blogs from our Ama Ghar children… meet Ashim.

The author, Ashim Nepali

The author, Ashim Nepali

My name is Ashim Nepali. I’m twelve years old Nepali boy and very proud to be who I am. I came to Ama Ghar at the age of eight, when I was really little. It means a lot to me. Ama Ghar has been my mother since six years. The love and care of Ama Ghar has nourished me. I have grown to be a healthy and a happy boy.

When I think about my past, I realize how lucky I’m to be held in the loving arms of this beautiful loving home Ama Ghar. When I see some less fortunate children in the street struggling to be able to get a meal, my small heart begins to beat a little faster. I see myself in the place of the children in the street and wish the depth of my heart that I could do some thing for this less fortunate children and I’m very sure that I’ll do something for these children as Ama Ghar has done for me in the future, when I’m a successful person.

The brothers and sisters and aunties and uncles at this house are like my unwished but very wanted gift of my life that the god choose me to give. They help me in every struggle of my life. They have been guiding me in the path of success with their gentle but strong hands and I am very proud to be a part of them .

I may not look like this from outside but this is who I am inside. So, do you know me?

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