Dental Visits Can Be Fun!

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We give thanks for our amazing Dr. Sneeda – a wonderful dentist who takes great joy in working with children. She makes even dental work fun, so there is always excitement among the children when they know Dr. Sneeda is on her way.

Dr. Sneeda makes everybody smile!

Dr. Sneeda makes everybody smile!

A few weeks ago, Dr. Sneeda arrived to give the children fluoride treatments as part of her regularly scheduled dental care for the Ama Ghar family. She is able to coax the kids into taking the treatment without complaint although they say it is like “sucking on lemons”. Those who are waiting in line for their treatment have great fun laughing at their brothers and sisters!

"Sucking on lemons" for their fluoride treatment...

“Sucking on lemons” for their fluoride treatment…

Some of the new children have extensive dental work that needs to be done, including many lost permanent teeth, so there will be many visits to Dr. Sneeda, who will make even the most difficult experience into something joyful.

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