Christmas, New Year’s – End of Year Fun!

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During the month of December, the Ama Ghar kids waited anxiously for the package of cookie decorations being sent by our good friend Mary Averill, also known as Christmas Cookie Auntie, but when it hadn’t shown up by December 19, Bonnie Auntie took action. She received an email that two families were coming from the US for trekking  – and they wanted to spend part of their Christmas at Ama Ghar.

Laxmi holds our latest addition, little Rekha, in front of the “Christmas trees”.

“Oh yes, please come! And could you bring cookie decorations?” was the hurried reply. So two families with five children- the Andersons and Parks – arrived armed with Christmas goodies and shared in the excitement of decorating Chrismas cookies with the Ama Ghar children.
On Christmas morning, the children enjoyed their usual small bundle of fruits and nuts and candy thanks to Cathy Auntie and Dick Uncle, who always send hot chocolate and chocolate Santas.

On the day after Christmas, five  friends arrived from Switzerland with gifts of sports equipment, clothes and hair ornaments for the girls and cars for the boys. We had a surprise visit from an English family that lives in Abu Dabi, who brought medicines, games and more sports equipment.
Then a few days later another friend arrived from Switzerland with lovely cosmetics creams and perfume for all… we had many Santas!

New Year’s Eve is more fun with visitors!

Finally, on December 28th, the much awaited package of cookie decorations arrived…so Uma suggested that we decorate our infamous Ama Ghar pancakes!

After all the Christmas festivities, we still found time to have two New Year’s parties, which included a bonfire outside, more hot chocolate, dancing, and a movie with lots of energy and noise. And we were able to play table tennis, too, as Frederick, Valeria and their 11-year-old son Dylan purchased a new table tennis table for us – the old one, which featured a ten year old warped plywood top, had seen better days.

So the Ama Ghar children had a wonderful Holiday Season of visitors, games and goodies, because of our generous benefactors – many thanks to you all.

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  1. Dear Ama Ghar Family,
    Oh well..the christmas cookie decorations can be saved for next years festivities. Who knows, maybe we will be able to come and help you all decorate next year. We missed all of you this year.
    Mary, Stuart, Kate and Claire

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