Child Care Advice from a Big Sister

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Our older Samjana is a†teenager with a flair for drama, a great sense of humor, and now we’ve discovered that she’s a great writer – enjoy†this story of†her outing with Rekha!

Time I Spent with our Sweet Little Rekha

Sweet Rekha in a happier moment...

Sweet Rekha in a happier moment…

“I had to take Rekha to the Photo Shop to get a photo.

First she was inside the bus and didnít want to come out. So I told her I would buy something for her, so she came out. As we walked she was crying to go back to school. She laid down and was crying in the road.

I had to buy her ice cream and then she agreed to go for the photo but she didnít want to smile.

She still wanted to ride the school bus with Bina and Ang Maya but the bus had already left and we needed to take the local van. She again cried and I had to buy more ice cream to get her on the van.

She didnít want to stand so I had to hold her while waiting for the van.

Since she outsmarted me twice and made me bribe her with ice cream, I donít think Iím taking her out again.”

— By Samjana, Future Child Care Teacher

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