Chess and Monsters

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There is no end to the resourcefulness of the Ama Ghar children – they really prove the point that children don’t need expensive toys to be entertained.

Kids showing off their menagerie of animals and monsters.

All it took was a little imagination…









For example, someone found some donated clothespins and foam in the supply room – and suddenly it was Animal Art Day – which became Animal and Monsters Day… As you can see in the photos, scraps of foam and tiny clothespins can become fearsome creatures with a little imagination.

Kids of all ages played in the Chess Championships!

Then the children watched the fantastic movie “Queen of Katwe” and were inspired to take up chess. The first Ama Ghar Chess Championship was organized by Aruneema and Bhupi, our chess experts. Of course, Championships mean prizes, and the children are very competitive.

Maya is going for the win!

Badi (left side of table) and Rekha (right side) square off for their attentive audience.










Our youngest child, Badi, won his first match, so we suspect the “no help from the gallery” rule wasn’t in place… but everyone got involved and even those who didn’t play chess before are now vying for their place at the chess table.

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  1. It is so good to see the Ama Ghar family growing. I have such find memories of the place. Unfortunately, I live on the other side of the world now, but one day, I hope to return with my wife, God willing.

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