Becoming Young Ladies

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For those of you who have been frequent visitors over the years, this photo will make you nostalgic for the adorable little girls who somehow magically morphed into these beautiful young ladies!

L to R: Kalpana Pun, Kalpana Thapa, Pabitra, Ganga

L to R: Kalpana Pun, Kalpana Thapa, Pabitra, Ganga

The girls in the photo have finished Class 12, and as is traditional in Nepal, they have a farewell party which everyone attends wearing their very best finery… which in the case of the girls is a sari. The party was a huge success and our girls looked beautiful, as you can see. Now Kalpana Pun, Ganga and Pabitra are getting ready to go out and find internships in the hotel industry.

In addition, Kalpana Thapa will start intensive Spanish lessons so now she will have three languages (Nepali, English and Spanish) when she applies for Flight Attendant Training.

We are so proud of these girls – thank you for giving them an education and an exciting future!



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