Balu Means Bear

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After eight years of incredible service, our faithful dog Balu has passed on to his reward. He came from the street, so we really never knew his age, but we think he was about 15 years old.

We will miss our beloved Balu.

The name Balu means “Bear” and he was the quiet and patient recipient of many wonderful bear hugs from our children; he was also an alert and effective security guard who only barked when a stranger arrived or a stray dog needed to be told not to come close to his children.

Balu’s scarred right eye gave him a very sinister look which added to his guard dog demeanor – and also came in handy when the children needed someone to play a pirate in one of their dramas!

Ama Ghar was his territory and the children were his charges. He checked the sleeping rooms at night, he walked the children to school and later to the school bus. He accompanied the children and many guests on walks. Saturday was a very nervous day for Balu because the children go out for classes, events, shopping, etc. and Balu couldn’t relax until everyone came home safely.


Balu’s last night at work – guarding the children while they sort their Legos.

Every night at prayer and meditation, Balu was in the middle of the group. He joined in all activities – movie watching, drama, dance and games – right up until the end. He simply was wherever the children were and whatever they were doing.

I will miss him terribly, he was a loyal companion to me. After checking the children he would always come to my room to visit and check on me before he went to his downstairs guard dog post.
— Bonnie

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