Another Rescued Child Comes to Ama Ghar

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Our newest and youngest child arrived this week… just in time to celebrate the time of peace on earth with her new Ama Ghar family. 

Rekha was a confused little girl when we went to see her in Humla.


Tan Bahadur, our Ama Ghar Uncle, went all the way to the very remote district of Humla to rescue this little girl. She has lost her mother, and her extended family cannot afford to feed or shelter her. She is only 3-1/2 years old and has been shuffled around a lot, so when she came to us, she was naturally very wary and unsettled.

By trial and error we found that she liked to play kitchen with our small pots and pans and we finally got her to smile. At night she says, “Please keep the light on so I can see your face”, and every day she chooses a different older brother or sister to hold her and play with her. She is starting to play dolls with Ang May and Bhina, which is a good indication that she’s starting to feel comfortable.

Rekha has begun to smile and play with her new brothers and sisters at Ama Ghar.

It is with great joy that we start the holiday season by welcoming this sweet little girl into our home…

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