Another Great Volunteer Experience

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Mischa poses for a photo with Santosh at the new Ama Ghar

Mischa poses for a photo with Santosh at the new Ama Ghar

We invite you to read this lovely letter from Ama Ghar visitor Mischa Noll, which he recently sent to the children. Enjoy!

Dear Ama Ghar,

It has been two months now since I was in your home and was lucky enough to be a part of your daily lives. Ama Ghar is full of wonderful personalities, and I still smile whenever I remember the times I spent with you all. Whether I was relearning trigonometry outdoors with Pratima, composing and singing songs with Rama, running around with Menuka and Pushpa, or playing (and losing at) games with Santos, I always found myself learning something new and laughing extra hard. I could retell a hundred stories, but suffice it to say that I miss you all and I知 already very much looking forward to my next visit.

In the next few weeks, I知 finishing up my last semester of college, which is quite a strange feeling after being in school for so long! Just one more giant research paper and a couple of exams and I値l be done (at least for a little while). Next year, I知 planning to take a job in either India or Thailand, so either way I won稚 be so far away from the beautiful hills of Godavari. As soon as I have the chance, I know I値l be boarding a plane to come and see my second family.

Best of luck with all of your studies, and enjoy your playtime in the increasingly warm weather! I have some photos that I値l send off soon, including some great ones taken by your own Ama Ghar professional photographer (Sandes)


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