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Today is the kickoff of our #myamagharstory campaign! We invite all of you who have visited Ama Ghar to tell your story, and make it as personal as you can… our visitors and their relationships with our children are the best Ama Ghar stories of all. Please email your story to or call 520-255-3556 if you have questions.

Our first story comes from Amy Benson, director of Drawing the Tiger, a documentary about what happens to a family in rural Nepal when they receive a windfall – and then lose it, along with their beautiful daughter. Amy visited us at Ama Ghar at the end of 2017 and was moved to contribute to our #myamagharstory campaign. We hope you will be, too!

Amy does a selfie with Manju at Ama Ghar

Here’s Amy’s Story:

“Ama Ghar is truly a special place.

From the moment I arrived, I felt like part of the crew—part of the family. The children, from the little ones on up, are inquisitive, open and caring. Many of them have been through trauma I can hardly imagine, AND they are thriving.

Thriving because each of them is cared and comforted for as an individual. Each of the staff knows each of the kids so well. It is beautiful.
Thriving because Ama Ghar is a home, a real home where the kids have ownership and responsibility.
Thriving because everyone cares about everyone else there, really cares— like brothers and sisters.

I am excited to return with my whole family so they can experience Ama Ghar too.”








To learn more about Drawing the Tiger, go to

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