Ama Ghar’s Star Performers

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We were thrilled when The School of Performing Arts Kathmandu (SPAK) chose Ama Ghar to be included in a six week workshop to teach drama and music, which culminated in a live performance. The mission of SPAK is to encourage cultural and creative activities for the enjoyment and benefit of the people in Nepal. SPAK is a safe cultural playground where every student can discover and develop his or her own talents. Through the arts, SPAK inspires creativity, improves self-esteem and helps people to set and reach goals.

A dramatic death scene... no giggling!

A dramatic death scene… no giggling!

During their six week workshop, the Ama Ghar kids were exposed to various techniques of performance. The multiple ad lib dramas were very whimsical and funny.  After weeks of fun and hard work, they put on their performance at the SPAK Center in Patan before a very appreciative audience of their peers and family.

We thank SPAK for this opportunity – it was a fantastic program  included everyone, even some of the children that were hesitant about their talents. Participation in this program made each of them believe that they, too, could be a star! 

The Grand Finale was an audience favorite.

The Grand Finale was an audience favorite.

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