Ama Ghar’s 12th Anniversary Celebration

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Shrawan Speech

Our Founder, Shrawan Nepali, organized a 12th Anniversary celebration during his stay at Ama Ghar in December. We invited our Nepali Board of Directors, who do so much good work for the children, our friends, supporters and neighbors.

The children danced and sang, everyone waved Nepali flags, and a wonderful time was had. In his speech, Shrawan Uncle reminded us of how far we have come… and how far we still need to go in ensuring that children who are at risk are give a loving home, family and education through our efforts. The Ama Ghar staff was honored, and Rob Sanders, Chair of the Ama Foundation Board, spoke eloquently of the need to continue to raise funds in Nepal and the U.S.

Thanks to our supporters in Nepal and around the world!

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