A Wonderful Addition to our Family!

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Last week we made a wonderful new addition to the Ama Ghar family – a young boy named Bhupendra. He came to us from a far western district of Nepal – Tan Bahadur, our house father, traveled there to bring him back to Ama Ghar. The return trip involved three days of travel, including one day of walking… it’s never easy to get to these remote villages.

Our house father, Tan Bahadur, went to get Bhupendra at his village.

Bhupendra is 6-1/2 years old – just 6 months younger than Santosh, but 10 inches shorter and much lighter in weight, as he clearly did not get enough to eat after his father died.

Now that he’s at Ama Ghar, he has been busy eating! And Santosh has taken him under his wing and shares his bed. As we get to know him better, we’ll tell you more about this fine young man.

Bhuprendra upon his arrival at Ama Ghar.



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  1. What a great little guy and I hope the very best for him. It is so nice to have Amar Ghar for the children.
    I am sure he is working himself in to the hearts of everyone. What a trip he has had to a new home.

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