A Photo Tribute to Anjana

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Although Anjana was only with us for a brief time, she made an indelible impression on all of her Ama Ghar brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles, teachers and even visitors – all of whom remember her fondly as a sweet, smiling girl who was full of love. Here are a few photos to remember her by.


The photo of Anjana with Bonnie Auntie was taken by Ama Foundation Board Member Fred Doar last spring . Speaking of Anjana, Bonnie said, “She was so amazing because everyone in the house bonded with her immediately – she was so beloved here.”

Thanks to Andi Osbon for sharing this photo of visitor Nick Ray with Anjana, Bina, Amish and Leela.

Anjana and Nick

Anjana and Nick

Shailendra Shrestha sent us this beautiful memory of his visit to Ama Ghar – a photo of Anjana with him at our stupa.

Anjana, Shailendra and group at stupa

Anjana, Shailendra and group at stupa

Photo below shows Anjana with her brothers and sisters and their housemother and Ama Ghar auntie Pratima Lama, who wrote this about Anjana: “A beautiful soul,full of love and faith ascended to heaven, away from us but closer to God, leaving loneliness and sadness. Today you are not where you were, but you ‘ll always be in our hearts, our dear Anjana.”

Anjana being pushed on the swing by Pratima auntie.

Anjana being pushed on the swing by Pratima auntie

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