A Life Changing Experience at Ama Ghar

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Although it has been almost a year since our visit to the beautiful and magical land of Nepal and our stay at Ama Ghar, the two have not ventured far from our hearts and minds. We often look back on our incredible time in Nepal helping support the children of this wonderful nonprofit organization and trekking through the Himalayas as part of a life-changing experience that we will never forget, and would recommend to anyone.

Cintia and Stewart sharing a treat with Samjana, Balu and Akriti

It was truly amazing learning the culture of the country through the outstanding kids of Ama Ghar, and their aunties and uncles, who are a true inspiration. We loved interacting with the kids, whether it was through helping with homework, becoming the house math tutor, playing games, or just talking with them while trying to discover who they are and connect with them. Their fabulous stories and open hearts made it a pleasure to lend a helping hand.

Pooja and Jenuka teaching Stewart to dance?

The kids taught us a bunch too, including how to wash clothes by hand, cook delicious Nepali food, play new games and much more. But, most importantly, they taught us how to appreciate everything we have, which they demonstrate daily. It is easy to see and understand how grateful they are for their brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles, and the opportunity this nonprofit organization has given them.

It is a treat to watch Auntie Bonnie as she performs wonders with them, teaching them many life lessons whenever the right occasion arises. She even helped me with her lesson on eating slower, because according to her lesson “the conveyer belt in your stomach needs time for the workers to pull the nutrients off the belt.” An image of the “conveyer belt” emerges whenever I feel myself eating too fast, as well as a laugh or two.

We shared so many exciting and interesting experiences with everyone at Ama Ghar, from a rumbling earthquake to spotting a green snake, from a great hike on our last day to a wonderful show by the children. The time we spent at Ama Ghar was extremely rewarding, and we very much look forward to returning, hopefully sooner rather than later, and watching the kids become great Nepalis who continue the cycle of giving as they help support the children of Ama Ghar’s future.

Stewart & Cintia

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