A Happy Reunion!

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One of our Ama Ghar children, Kalpana Thapa, remembered that she had a sister, who was separated from her years ago when their family could no longer care for them. Kalpana always dreamed of her little sister and the day when the two of them might be reunited…. and a couple of years ago, her prayers were answered.

Kalpana Thapa dreamed of joining her long-lost sister...

Kalpana Thapa dreamed of joining her long-lost sister...

Her sister had been adopted by a Spanish family around the time that Kalpana was sent to Ama Ghar. Luckily for the little sister, the Spanish family is extremely loving and have raised her in a beautiful environment in an oceanside town not far from Barcelona. Since Kalpana’s little sister had also dreamed of a reunion, her Spanish parents did some research and found that Kalpana had become part of the Ama Ghar family.

The two girls spoke on the phone in 2009, and even though Kalpana’s sister remembered no Nepali (she speaks English and Spanish), the two managed to communicate, either in English or in the Spanish that Kalpana was learning, thanks to help from international volunteers. The Spanish family proposed a visit to Spain (at their expense) and then the fun began… getting birth certificates, passports and visas for our children is not easy!

Kalpana (center) with her sister (right) and a Spanish friend.

Kalpana (center) with her sister (right) and a Spanish friend.

But Bonnie Auntie persevered, and in June, 2011, Bonnie accompanied Kalpana to Spain to meet her long-lost sister and then went to the U.S. for her annual family visit.  Here’s something to make you smile – a letter that Kalpana sent to Bonnie after she returned to Ama Ghar:

“Hi, how are you? I am fine here. I came back safely from Spain alone. I really enjoyed my trip and it was a great pleasure to visit my sister with you but after you have gone to Madrid I really felt alone because there was no one to communicate nicely with me. I really missed my Ama Ghar family along with dal bhat.

The family was really caring and loving .I went to beach for swimming and I also learned swimming with my sister. I went to Barcelona for shopping, to meet my sister’s uncle and aunt and I also went to see the church and the big historic building. I went for fishing. I celebrated my 17th birthday in Spain with the family. I also tried many typical Spanish food and they were very delicious. The people were very friendly and loving in the community where I used to live. The traffic system was very well organized and the place was very clean. The place was well managed and well facilitated. Most of the thing was electric and automatic. The fun park was very interesting. I played many games and I also went for a dance party with my sister and my friends. The school where my sister studies was very big and well managed.

So, this much for now, say hi to granny and hope to see you soon.”

Kalpana Thapa

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