A Circus with a Soul

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As a gift from Alan and Sarah Nikles, our Swiss friends who are regular donors and volunteers, the Ama Ghar children went to their first circus!

This two girl aerial act was spectacular at Circus Kathmandu!

But it wasn’t just any circus – it was Circus Kathmandu, which extends training and opportunities to marginalized young people who work with volunteer circus professionals from many countries. The very personal part of this is that the Circus opened with a performance by Nepali children who had been rescued from Indian circuses from the Esther Benjamin Trust. The Esther Benjamin Trust used to be our neighbor at our old Ama Ghar home, and we know many of the children who live there, so this was even more exciting!

This balancing act had everyone holding their breath…

It goes without saying that the children had never seen such a wonderful show with exquisite costumes, daring aerial stunts and amazing dances. Thank you to Sarah and Alan for this wonderful holiday treat – and for supporting Circus Kathmandu.

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